WCTEL’s Food Drive Generates Two Tons Of Food Donations

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When WCTEL asked its customers and members to give big, people listened.

The organization’s first food drive of this kind, the “Give Big, Get Gig” initiative asked customers to donate at least three nonperishable food items for area food pantries in return for receiving a complimentary speed boost to WCTEL’s premier speed tier, 1 Gigabit, for the month of December.

“We are fortunate to be in a position where we reach thousands of customers throughout western South Carolina,” says Jeff Wilson, WCTEL CEO. “It’s a powerful statement to see so many people step up in a way that benefits their fellow neighbors and citizens so significantly.”

The campaign, which supported food pantries in Abbeville County, Greenwood County, McCormick County, Iva and Newberry, generated nearly 3 tons of food donations. Donations were collected throughout the month of November at WCTEL offices and donated equally across all five areas on Friday, Dec. 9 during a company-wide coordinated effort.

“Our customers don’t need an incentive to give; but, we also wanted to thank them. December can be a busy time for everyone,” Wilson says. “Guests and family members fill up homes, many of which are connecting to WiFi as they play games, stream their favorite shows, work from home and hook up new home security equipment. If we can help their holiday experience by giving them a little speed boost in exchange for helping their fellow neighbors, it’s a no brainer.”

Supported pantries included

  • Food Bank of Greenwood County
  • Iva Food Bank
  • McCormick Helping Hands United
  • Newberry Living Hope Foundation Food Pantry




West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (WCTEL) was formed in 1952. Since its beginning, WCTEL has not only met its primary goal of providing basic telephone service to the rural areas of Abbeville and McCormick counties and the Starr and Iva areas of Anderson County, but has also been able to provide the enhanced services others have come to expect in metropolitan areas of the United States. As new services were being developed, WCTEL renewed its commitment to giving customers access to the latest in advanced technologies, including overbuilding its network with fiber to stay ahead of the demand for more bandwidth and advanced communications. Through its subsidiary WCFIBER, WCTEL has expanded its services to Greenwood County, the city of Newberry and upstate South Carolina (under the brand Upcountry Fiber). To find out more about WCTEL, visit www.wctel.com.