Arrests Made In Check Cashing Ring

 In Local News

The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Newberry City Police, and Prosperity Police are investigating a check cashing ring that has defrauded businesses and banks out of more than $70,000.00.

Law Enforcement was notified of a check cashing scheme, which involved obtaining a legitimate check and replicating routing and account numbers. They obtained check stock and reprinted multiple checks using high end printing. When it was discovered checks were being manufactured and passed using an account number from the Newberry County Inmate Trust Fund. Once this was discovered, Sheriff Foster made the request to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to assist with the investigation, since some of the checks were cashed out of Newberry County.

During the investigation, Deputies discovered other forged checks on accounts of several businesses and industries. In addition to the forged checks, investigators discovered the making and manufacturing of credit cards, which were being used to move, conceal, and defraud individuals, businesses, and banks of cash in Newberry County.

Sheriff Foster said, “this investigation is ongoing as checks are being processed and other businesses and banks are calling law enforcement to file the forgery activity”. “As this investigation continues, we expect more arrest to follow,” said Sheriff Foster. “This ring has cost mostly small businesses tens of thousands of dollars in an economy in which they can’t afford to lose any revenue, according to Sheriff Foster.” Foster went on to say, “this was more than passing bad checks, this was an organized effort to defraud our local businesses out of a considerable amount of money. When this happens, we all lose because the businesses, mostly small locally owned ones, have to raise prices or go out of business all-together.”

Sheriff Foster announces the following arrests have been made regarding the check cashing ring investigation:

Shawon Ernquan Sims 21 years old, 287 Doe Rd, Newberry–5 counts of Forgery, 4 counts of Conspiracy, Possession with Intent to distribute Cocaine (received a $24,000.00 cash Surety Bond on Forgey and Conspiracy and $5,000.00 PR Bond of Drug charge)

Timothy De Darius Martin 26 years old, 224 Oak Ridge Dr, Newberry –Obtaining Property Under False Pretense, 2 counts Conspiracy, and Financial Transaction Card Fraud (received a $8,000.00 PR Bond)

Angeliean Sims 22 years old, 203 Palm Ln, Newberry—2 counts forgery (received a $10,000.00 PR Bond)

Deandre Seandell Henley 22 years old, 69 Pine Hills Rd, Prosperity—2 counts Forgery, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Controlled Substance (received a $12,000.00 PR Bond)

Breazae Elise Jackson 22 years old, 645 Cypress Lakes Rd, Newberry—2 counts Forgery (received a $10,000.00 PR Bond)

Ty’neisha Oceona Lindsay 25 years old, 908 Suber Dr, Newberry—Forgery (received $10,000.00 PR Bond)

Benjamin Damin Gorie 22 years old, 90 Lathrop Rd, Pomaria—Forgery (received a $5,000.00 PR Bond)

Tyquisha Alante Newman 24 years old, 48 Player St, Newberry—8 counts Forgery (received a $40,000.00 PR Bond)

Tony Rodriquez Mason 21 years old, 462 Green Meadow Dr, Newberry—Forgery (received a $5,000.00 PR Bond)

Jamel Shemar Kibler 21 years old, 67 Oak Ridge Dr, Newberry—3 counts Forgery and 3 counts Conspiracy (received a $18,000.00 cash surety bond)

Arkevis Rashad Coleman 19 years old, 50 Oak Ridge Dr, Newberry—Forgery (received a $5,000.00 PR Bond)

Isis Nyasha Gary 24 years old, 2144 Adelaide St, Newberry—2 counts Forgery (received $10,000.00 PR Bond)

Stanley Ahmaad Martin Jr 19 years old, 301 Boundary St, Newberry—2 counts Forgery (received $10,000.00 PR Bond)

Linda Kay Ruff 56 years old, 2309 Wallace St, Newberry—Forgery (received a $5,000.00 PR Bond)

Aleera Daijanna Praylow 22 years old, 663 Cypress Lakes Rd, Newberry—Forgery (received a $5,000.00 PR Bond)