Scammers Continue To Attack Citizens

 In Local News

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster is again warning that scammers are in full force attacking citizens through the internet or phone calls.

Sheriff Foster said that no one from a government agency is going to call and demand electronic payment or gift cards for missing jury duty, active warrants, or any criminal or civil offense being handle by government agencies.

Scammers are very resourceful when it comes to the world of technology impersonating law enforcement, Court Officials, IRS Officials, Warranty extension and even Sweepstakes Winners. A scammers goal is to win the conversation over with the victim to obtain personal information and access to personal accounts. Scammers use the tactics of urgency, high pressure, and intimidation to obtain their goal of getting money.

Beware that scammers have access to technology that can make the call appear to be coming from the local law enforcement agency, local business, or local area. Scammers are able to “spoof” phone numbers that make it extremely difficult to track or identify.

Sheriff Foster states that, “if a person does not recognize the phone number or after answering the call, feels uncomfortable with the conversation, just hang up and notify your local law enforcement agency”. “If a person gives in to the Scammer and sends money, it is very unlikely if not impossible that the money can be recovered,” he continued.