Newberry Walmart Included In Recent Scams

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The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed an increase in digital scams and forgery.

Yesterday, the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office said that they have cataloged 29 scams and one forgery as of last month. (By comparison, a total of 56 combined cases were reported in 2022 and 58 combined cases in 2023.)

“It’s really an easy crime to commit. Then you got to rely on the good nature of most human beings,” Sheriff Lee Foster told an area television news source.

He said his office receives anywhere from three to five reports of suspected scams daily.

Last Friday, a call for service came from a 67-year-old Newberry resident. The Newberry man said he was scammed out of $800 across two Walmart gift cards.

According to a receipt dated March 3, 2020, two $400 gift cards were purchased for him from the Walmart (Main Street) in Newberry.

Within an hour after being purchased in Newberry, both cards were reportedly used to buy diesel fuel over 530 miles away, at a Walmart gas station in Mobile, Alabama.

The Newberry man said, “I don’t understand how it happened. I don’t understand how I could have the cards here in Newberry, South Carolina, and somebody gets diesel in Mobile, Alabama, nine hours away within an hour after the cards were bought. I don’t understand that.”

Sheriff Lee Foster said the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is assisting in this investigation, as well as other scam and forgery cases.

If you are a victim of fraud, call the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office at 803-321-2211.