City Utilities Works On Beautification Efforts

 In Local News

As part of the City of Newberry’s beautification efforts, new trees have been planted alongside the Utilities Center located on Louis Rich Road as well as their new Mollohon substation located behind Kendall football stadium.

Utility Director Tim Baker said those driving by may notice two types of trees – Crepe Myrtle and Green Giant plantings alongside each of the structures to make the areas more visually pleasing to the community.

“We’re trying to beautify areas where our utilities are located,” Baker said. “These utilities are necessary to serve the public, but we want to have them blend in as much as possible.”

City Manager Matt DeWitt said these landscaping addition efforts were also made with the consideration that the city is working to become a Tree City USA.

“It is vitally important that the City of Newberry have the equipment and facilities needed to remain competitive and successful,” DeWitt said. “City Council believes it is equally as important that these additions be aesthetically pleasing, and trees and landscape additions allow for the City to achieve both.”